TERZOSTROM is a company well known for the guaranteed quality of its products and mattresses. It is located in the prefecture of Thessaloniki (Airport Area) and is one of the pioneer Greek production units, with 3000 sq.m. exhibition space and 4000 sq.m. production unit, with four retail stores in Thessaloniki and a network of specialized partners in northern Greece.

The company managed to accumulate 50 years of experience in the quality orthopedic -anatomic mattress and at the same time presented innovative solutions in the field of bedding with the creation of sleeping sets. The experience of people and the quality of its products can meet all the needs of a family and at the same time the requirements of a large hotel unit.

We design our products with the aim of always meeting your needs, their functionality, the excellent quality of construction, the harmony of colors and excellent design.

Better sleep for a better life.

What we offer

We can satisfy your need for mattresses and their dimensions.

Beds and bed base.
Large collection of beds made by us.

Wide range of furniture for the whole house.

Hotel equipment
Many years of experience in the construction of hotel mattresses and other furniture for the accommodation.